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Bitcoin and processing

Digital currencies have endless benefits, making it easy to make purchases over the internet in total discretion.  That is why we are now accepting Bitcoin payments to make your shopping completely private and limitless.

Bitcoin & Alt Coins (alternative coins)

The most renowned digital currency is Bitcoin. Businesses and people have already begun to accept bitcoin as a form of payment across the globe. There are many other coins out there to use and trade with, however, Bitcoin is most commonly used to make purchases. They come as a digital form only making it discreet and secure for all customers. They are accessible from an online wallet which you can create at just a click of a button, almost as easy as setting up your E-mail address.

Some of the benefits of using BITCOIN:


PLUS make 2 orders with BITCOIN and receive your 3rd with 50% off!*

No credit card interest!

Totally anonymous!

No credit card statements!

Fastest Payment option on our website!

Receive your order quicker!

Buying Bitcoin

The most anonymous way of buying bitcoin is via www.localbitcoins.com where you can purchase with cash locally or via credit/debit card. Alternatively, you can buy bitcoin from the following websites;

Coinbase.com | Kraken.com | Coingate.com |  Huobi.com | Bitbargain.co.uk |Bitit.io


Using the websites, you will receive a personal Bitcoin wallet, which will provide you with your very own wallet address. Your wallet will look something like this: gh34pjudsWQ619sDvnKa7SHdflds

You will need to Verify your account by uploading a copy of your ID, then connect the wallet to your bank account, debit/credit card to credit your Bitcoin wallet. Once you have purchased bitcoin, you are good to go! 

Using Bitcoin with us

Once you have shopped on our website and are ready to make payment, make your way to the shopping cart and select payment method – BITCOIN. Be sure to have logged into your wallet and ready to send a payment.

It will then redirect you to a page showing our Wallet address. Be sure to copy and paste this address into your wallet, Click send. Then wait 1-2 minutes for the payment to go through. Once our payment system has received, you will be sent confirmation to the email you registered with us.

*(Once you have made 2 orders, please email your name & order numbers along with your 3rd order to receive 50% off)

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product that you have received from us, we offer all our customers a 7-day refund period. Please contact our customer service team if you incur any issues.

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