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Diazepam is a globally famous drug, that without a doubt finds its way to the streets. Sold illegally, Diazepam tablets and all its other derivatives are consumed for recreational purposes, for the achievement of a specific “high” or a “buzz.” While to most drug enthusiasts recreational using can seem quite fun, the dark side of abusing this medicine can have dire, and in most cases, irreversible consequences. It is estimated that over 30% of overdose deaths are attributed to diazepam-based drugs! While this is indeed a tragic statistic, this usually occurs because the majority of those people have never been informed about the proper use of the drug and its effects.

The Mimicry of the Drug Makes It Even More Dangerous

Given the chemical nature of the drug, Diazepam acts as a strong relaxant. Recreational users often refer to it as a substitute for “barbiturates” as it mimics their effect. Barbiturates are notorious for making users experience an elevated feeling of relaxation, mixed with euphoria; and it is because of those effects, Diazepam has become an alternative to something else that is highly addictive and potentially lethal; also, it has been found to be a part of the chemical structure (an adulterant) of Heroin, which only proves its level of addictiveness.

Even an initial dose of Diazepam is enough to mimic the effects of alcohol and morphine; some of you might know this, but just as the medication is an adulterant to heroin, the latter is an adulterant to morphine. It is so powerful that it is actually used by people who use stimulants to put themselves in a more relaxed state so they are capable of achieving sleep. Due to the effectiveness of this drug, the most fake prescriptions created are for Diazepam tablets. As second in recreational use only to opiates, this drug is considered to be the “chameleon” for all others, and despite the fact that it is classified in almost all countries as a highly restricted substance, users still manage to find it.

It Is Not about Getting High – It’s about Being Dead or Alive

While overdose deaths that have occurred due to the abuse of the drug itself, its lethality also comes from another source – suicide. Overusing Diazepam tablets can cause incredible fatally depressive moods, but so can the absence of the drug in the system. Withdrawal symptoms are known to sharpen any mental disorders, potentially having users seek for other attempts on their own lives, which in most cases are successful. It is perhaps safe to say, that people who are not specifically prescribed the correct dosage of Diazepam, can have a tragic and untimely end.

Chemical Tolerance Can Be Very Misleading

People who take Diazepam for recreational use, eventually develop a tolerance to it. This is especially dangerous, as those users try to substitute it with other Diazepam based drugs in order to feel high again; this, of course, increases the chance of fatal organ failure. In the worst cases, people who have built up their tolerance to the drug often combine it with alcohol (DO NOT ATTEMPT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!) in order to “relapse” the “high” they were used to.

In the End, Please Stay Safe

Follow your doctors’ orders, be responsible and exercise self-control if you’re prescribed Diazepam under any circumstances. Bear in mind that this drug is meant to treat very serious conditions, and taking it simply for the “fun or thrill” of it, would only prove perilous to your health. Recreational use of the drug is highly inadvisable, and should you come across the chance to try it out, don’t. If you do think that you might need it for real, contact your medical professional and get checked out first.

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